Welcome to Idaho

I live in Nampa Idaho. It's a beautiful area known as the Treasure Valley. There is every type of recreation you can imagine within a one hour drive in any direction. This is high desert country but because of large reservoirs for irrigation. It is green and very lush. Idaho is famous for it's potatoes grown in the black volcanic soil. But the farmers grow many other crops here. From winter wheat to corn and sugar beets. Ranchers raise cattle for beef and also large herds of milk cows. So the area is much like other agricultural areas in the USA.   

But this area is not just agricultural.  We also have high tech industry here.  Hewlett Packard and Micron Technologies are both located here.  This is the world headquarters for Micron.  Also we have other famous companies here.  Such as Albertsons Grocery stores.  Joe Albertson started his famous chain of stores right here in the Treasure Valley in Boise Idaho.  Harry Morrison of Morrison Knudsen also started his business right here.  Boise Cascade has their world headquarters here.

It is claimed that we have more millionaires here per capita then in any other area in the USA.

We have famous people like George Kennedy and Bruce Willis that call our area home.  Ernest Hemingway wrote many of his books in his home in Sun Valley Idaho just 100 miles east of Boise.  It's the play ground for the rich and famous.


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